Stress-Free Trip Planning


According to data from the U.S. Travel Association, three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes. And, in 2012, planned travel spiked by 61 percent between May and October as the summer months and warmer weather hit the nation.

To help take the guesswork and stress out of trip planning this travel season, below are several trips to consider, courtesy of LiveLifeLocal:

The Internet is the best traveler's guide out there. An unplanned adventure can bring a sense of excitement to summer travel plans. But, when heading on vacation with a family or a large group, spontaneity isn't always an option. Online resources can make it easy to plan a full itinerary for your trip – whether it's a road trip across country or a day trip to a local town.

Plan ahead and pack smart. Packing for an extended trip can quickly take the joy out of traveling. Avoid this stress by packing compact. Other tips like using vacuum bags to conserve space or packing multipurpose items, such as a sleeping bag that works as a picnic blanket, can help eliminate clutter.

Don't let gas costs limit destination desires. The drive can be just as fun as the destination itself when it comes to summer road trips. Simple tips for how to save at the pump, like fueling up in larger cities and leveraging the cruise control, can help limit gas expenses and enable travelers to take advantage of the open road.

"With kids out of school for the summer, we see families and individuals alike out traveling and experiencing new events now more than ever," says Eric Trott vice president of marketing, Safeco Insurance. "Regardless of the vehicle you're traveling in, summer is the time to explore a new city or become a tourist in your own town. LiveLifeLocal is geared directly towards making that possible with inspiration of where to go and tips on how to get there."



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